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O.MY.L Interior Design 是一間位於香港的專業室內設計工作室,為客戶提供舒適、實用及充滿個性的室內設計方案。我們的服務範疇從住宅到商業項目,並擁有自家的經驗豐富及專業的裝修團隊,提供一站式設計及裝修工程服務,專注及致力為你打造理想溫暖的家。

O.MY.L Interior Design is an interior design studio base located in Hong Kong, creating cozy, functional and customized design plans and experience for clients. Our business scopes include residential and commercial projects, extending a complete service with our own designs and construction team.

O.MY.L 可能是你最佳的選擇

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